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Our story

A few years ago, Camden’s House co-founder Alex had a major health event which led to lasting and debilitating health issues. These included severe fatigue, inflammation, pain, mental health difficulties and various other issues which refused to go away and plagued her ability to work and live.

She looked for medical help but all she would find was delay and frustration. She discovered that there is an epidemic of people everywhere who are battling conditions which are both known and unknown and they just cannot get the help they are desperate for.

She then looked abroad and online. Quite by chance she listened to a Joe Rogan podcast with Dr Rhonda Patrick, an expert in the field of biomedical science. Soon after, she discovered many more scientists and doctors like Professor David Sinclair (Harvard Medical), Gary Brecka, Dr Mark Hyman and Professor Andrew Hubermann (Stanford University Medical). This opened her eyes to the developing science of longevity and biohacking. This included simple lifestyle hacks (fasting, cold showers etc) and the use of technologies (sauna, oxygen chamber, PBM, PEMF and others).

The problem was that some of these technologies were not available in Aberdeen or Scotland.

She decided it was time to change that… hence Camden’s House was born.

Camden’s House

We moved home to the beautiful tree-lined area of Pitfodels, Aberdeen in August 2023. Camden’s House is family-run and (for now at least) home-based. However, we plan to expand to a purpose-built facility in the near future.

We are easy to get to, we have plenty parking, and you’ll come to a professional, yet distinctly homely place to take advantage of these unique, top of the range technologies. We’ve made a home for those who want to invest in their health in a way not offered anywhere else in Scotland.

We can’t wait to share this with you!

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