Bringing two state of the art wellness technologies to Aberdeen

Camden’s House offers two state of the art technologies:


First professional-grade in Scotland


Very best PEMF technology available


Developed by NASA


Increases ATP production




Only whole-body PBM in Aberdeen


Premium PBM technology


18,000 red light and near-infrared LEDs


Precise frequencies 633nm, 660nm, 810nm, 850nm, 940nm

These are the first professional-grade (high-intensity) PEMF and PBM technologies offered in Scotland. Our PEMF and PBM systems are state of the art and imported from the most trusted and premium brands for the best possible outcomes, delivered with maximum comfort and safety. Our systems are simply the best in the business (the ones used by professional sportspersons and celebrities).

Both our technologies are very safe, used across the world, and non-invasive. By different methods they stimulate cellular regeneration and activity, leading to numerous positive knock-on effects for general well-being, including relief for various ailments.

Think of it like a gym session for your cells.

Cellular wellness improvements are of particular interest to those seeking:

General Wellness (and Mental Health) Improvement
Pain Management
Improvement to Chronic Conditions/Fatigue
Improved Fitness Performance
Energy Boosting

Both PEMF and PBM are general purpose wellness technologies. But they are known, through extensive medical studies and practice over several decades, to have positive effects on numerous ailments and conditions.

Our aim is to bring these cutting edge technologies to Aberdeen and make them available for those who need and wish to invest in their health. However Camden’s House is not a medical clinic and we are therefore not licenced to provide medical advice, make any medical diagnosis or recommend medical treatment plans for any specific conditions – we’ll leave that to the qualified doctors.

There is a huge amount of available literature about PEMF and PBM available online (see our PEMF and PBM pages linked above). We regularly encourage all of our customers to seek medical advice from their doctor if in any doubt whatsoever about what is best for them.

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